Meet Randy and Carolyn Wyand

RANDY AND CAROLYN FB 1For twenty-five years, Randy and Carolyn Wyand and their four children (Brandon, Alec, Camille, and Jake) have spent their family gatherings at Hartford Hill.  “In a way, we built this winery as an excuse to continue spending time at the property.” says Randy.   No stranger to start-up businesses, Randy’s been entrepreneurial since he was fifteen.

Carolyn adds, “We would like to see the winery be a place for people to gather with friends and family to create memories of their own.  We also see it as a venue for events, lunches, dinners, weddings, showers, or small parties, but we’ll be evaluating how to make all of this blend together into a successful business.”  When Carolyn isn’t at the winery, she’s an Occupational Therapist for the Mahoning County Educational Service Center.

While motoring around visiting wineries on their bikes in the Fall of 2013, the idea was hatched.  The first of the two barns were moved to the location in April of 2014.