Barn Chores


The Hartford Hill Winery was born in a barn… well… two barns actually.    Joined together into an “L” shape, the barns produce a wide open feeling that would be hard to achieve any other way.HARRISBURG BARN  The Wyand’s found a 4000 square foot, 19th century barn in Harrisburg, PA through a reclamation company.  Each board and timber was tagged, disassembled, and loaded onto five, 18 wheel flatbeds and brought to its current location.  While the barn was being moved, Randy WyandFRONT EARLY CONSTRUCTION happened across another smaller barn in Fowler, OH and decided to move it as well.  The result is the 5500 square foot Hartford Hill Winery.  Of course there were many challenges with a project of this size.  “We poured a lot of concrete in 2014” laughs Randy, “But our biggest challenge that summer was the amount of rain we received.  It wreaked havoc on the work schedule and our retaining wall construction”.  Most of the natural stone used here were foundations from on-location buildings and the two barns.  In fact, both the fireplace and the BACK FROM ACROSS THE PONDoutdoor pizza hearth are made from foundation stones.  Its hard to imagine a more beautiful setting for these two carefully repurposed structures.